CPS can create an effective design to showcase your message by using the latest technology to enhance your public display. Window and shop front Display, Information boards, Point of Sale advertising and product information, Audio visual displays, and Interactive touch screen overlays are ways CPS can display your message. With a range of the latest technology we can provide you with a display that will convey you message effectively.

Display Public Messages throughout a School
Displsay Messages in Waiting Areas
LED Screens for Displaying Messages in Foyer


CPS Can Provide:

  • LED Screens suited to Public Displays
  • Design and develop public systems to meet your needs
  • Provide cost effective display solutions to replace labour intensive systems commonly deployed
  • Design the layout and location of system components and speakers for the greatest functionality
  • Work with your IT personnel to provide access and ease of operation for optimal utilisation of the entire system
  • Install the total system READY TO USE.


We are able to:

  • Work within and streamline your current system
  • Design and develop a system to meet your needs
  • Ensure ease of operation
  • Provide AV systems that can be modified to meet individual needs
  • Design AV Installations suited to your Public Display
  • Provided Equipment that will Optimise your Installation