At CPS we Offer many systems that can optimise any Conference Space. We can Design AV Installations to cater changing room configurations, Install Epson Interactive projectors, LED Screens and Video Conferencing for External feed abilities. With Our range of Venue Projectors and Sound options we can make every room in to an Amazing Conference Space.

Break out room attached to conference centre with full AV systems for recording and display
Large Conference Space with Spilt Screens and Function Projectors
Auditorium setup with Projectors, Screens, Display, Sound and full Recording abilities
Projector for a Conference Space
Motorised Projection Screen with full AV Set up
Projector, Screen and Sound System in Places of Worship


CPS can provide:

  • Installation Projectors
  • Epson Interactive Projectors
  • Screens suited to the Space
  • Sound systems that allow for multi-room configuration and Screen Overflow options
  • Ensure ease of operation with programmable switching gear for Room Configuration Options
  • Conference Video and Audio Recording devices.
  • Front Row Calypso Control Touch panels
  • Portable Lecterns
  • LED Screens in Break Rooms



We are able to:

  • Work within and streamline your current system
  • Design and develop a system to meet your needs
  • Ensure ease of operation with programmable switching gear
  • Provide AV systems that can be modified to meet individual needs
  • Design AV Installations suited to Conference facilities.