Custom Presentation Systems can design your board room to reflect your company’s needs. With a range of AV and Sound equipment and easy to use control systems, Your Board room can function with ease. Meeting Rooms can be designed to be flexible and functional and Training Rooms can be pre-configured with multiple set-ups of the sound and projection systems to aid in training.

Meeting Room with LED Screens, Video Conferencing and Recording Abilities
Projector Installation for Meeting Room Displays
Projector and Screen in Large Meeting Room
Interactive Projector and Screen
Interactive Projector Design
Large Meeting Room complete with Projector, Screen and Controls


CPS can provide:

  • Epson Interactive Projectors suited to Meeting Rooms
  • LED Screens
  • Sound Options
  • Front Row Calypso Control panels for easy to use controls
  • Video Conferencing Setups for interstate/international Conferencing
  • Concealed fittings to maintain a clean look


We are able to:

  • Work within and streamline your current system
  • Design and develop a system to meet your needs
  • Ensure ease of operation with programmable switching gear
  • Provide AV systems that can be modified to meet individual needs
  • Design AV Installations suited to Board Room facilities.
  • Provided Equipment that will Optimise your Board and Meeting Rooms